The Future of Zion Williamson

During Duke’s previous loss to North Carolina, about 33 seconds into the game Zion Williamson’s shoe blew out. This caused an explosion on the internet and social media. People accusing the NCAA of putting their amateur athletes at risk of ruining their professional careers. Zion Williamson has no timetable on when he is expected to return and Coach K states that he thinks he will be back at some point, just not sure when.

Williamson, favored to be the number 1 overall pick of the 2019 NBA draft, has a lot of decisions to make when debating his future. Should he sit out the rest of the season and save himself for his professional career? Should he keep playing and keep proving that he is a phenome.

The answer is HE SHOULD KEEP PLAYING. Why in the Hell would an 18 year old kid (who hasn’t even acquired the age group required by the NBA) stop his college career short just because of a damn shoe blowing out.. Let’s compare this to football, what if Trevor Lawrence were to say fuck it I’m just going to sit out the next couple years and go to the NFL. I can tell you right now he wouldn’t be drafted very high if not at all. Another example, Kyler Murray who played football at The University of Oklahoma and won himself a Heisman trophy. He proved everything he needed to prove to be a first round draft pick but what if he were to say fuck it I’m not going to the combine. He would have less opportunity because, he will be the fastest quarterback in the combine and he will set NFL combine records. When saying that he has an advantage by going to the combine and showing what he is capable of. Zion Williamson, in my opinion, is in the same spot. He isn’t guaranteed the first pick of the draft and to be quite frank with you he isn’t guaranteed anything.

In summary, if Zion Williamson decides to not come back, he will show the world he is lazy, selfish, underachiever, and nothing more than that. He should finish his college career and prove that he is a leader, hard worker, and most of all the best player in college basketball

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