Johnny Fooziel

Breaking News on the Future of Johnny Manziel. The Montreal Alouettes have released quarterback Manziel, and there statement being “contravened the agreement which made him eligible to play” (talking about the Canadian Football League). In Vancouver, the CFL commissioner Randy Ambroise came out with a statement saying “We advised Montreal that Johnny had violated one of the conditions we had set for him to be in our league.” He also stated “we didn’t release the terms of those conditions then and are not going to do that now”.

The future is not bright for the once upon a time star quarterback. He has made a name for himself and its not a good name. He took advantage of the opportunities given too him and has turned out as a complete bust, top 10 in my opinion. Just the Baker Mayfield’s and Kyler Murray’s, Manziel had just as much if not more spotlight and has nothing to say for it.

I think it’s time Manziel finds a new career path other than football…if possible.  

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