Saturday’s Are For The Boys

Tomorrow when you wake up you will see a crowded student section in Rupp Arena for not only College Gameday, a student to win $18,000 dollars for making a half court shot, also the biggest game of Kentucky’s season. Tomorrow night Kentucky is taking on #1Tennessee.

My favorite part about college basketball has to be the fans and students. You hear students yelling, chanting, and singing their fight songs. The best line of all time has to be “Bullshit” yelling it at the refs because they made the worst call of all time. The best part about basketball is the dunks and alley oops and going crazy in the student section.

Saturday’s are known for the boys but are they? What about Saturday’s are for girls? Girls get up everyday and get dressed just like men do on Saturday’s for basketball and football to see there team beat the fuck out of the opponents. Why can’t Saturday’s be for girls? That’s a great question to ask whoever invented this great question to someone. Guy 1: What are Saturday’s for?” Guy2: “The Boys!!”

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