Foles Fleeing the Flock?

Nick Foles has been the golden arm savior of the Philadelphia Eagles for what he believes is long enough. It seems he has dodged every effort by the Eagles to keep him locked up except the franchise tag. That would end up costing Philly $25 million next season. So with the speculation beginning let’s look at a few landing spots Foles could immediately give a boost too.

New York Giants

Eli has been at the end of the road for multiple season now. With Odell Beckham Jr and Saquon Barkley waiting in the wings is there a better landing spot for a quarterback in the league? And would Nick Foles be the absolute best option on the market? I say yes and yes. The Giants should consider paying up for what could be the man that is highly capable to turn it all around.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Now we get to one of the less appealing options for Foles. With Bortles on the way out the door the Jaguars will be searching far and wide for the next guy up. I feel Jacksonville may end up being the spot that gives Foles the least amount of support ultimately. Aside from Leonard Fournette he will have zero help. Let’s hope if this is where the Superbowl hero lands it isn’t where he goes splat.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins can no longer wait on Ryan Tannehill to turn into the franchise leader. With Adam Gase also being fired it should open the door for Miami to explore their options at the position. Foles would have a very solid core around him that brings alot of speed to the table. Miami has been close to making a leap as of late but are in need of a leader. This could be their opportunity to swing for the fences and inject new life into the Dolphins franchise.

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