What Jersey Will “Murray” Appear on?

Coming soon as we all know is the “NFL Draft” which occurs every year. Last year the Oklahoma Sooners produced the top pick in the draft Baker Mayfield. This year they have the opportunity to send yet another first round pick through the draft Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield are somewhat similar but have a lot of differences at the quarterback position. Kyler’s situation makes me think back to the 2017 NFL draft when everyone doubted the fact that Lamar Jackson could manage to play quarterback in the NFL. Murray is very much similar to Jackson, they are both unique talents, possess a cannon of an arm, and both run like receivers. This past college football season, Murray threw for 4,361 yards, 42 touchdowns, and just 7 interceptions. On the ground he added another 1,001 yards acquiring 12 touchdowns. Those stats are what produced Kyler Murray a Heisman Trophy. Before we get too far ahead, we have to talk about the idea that he might play Major League Baseball. He was drafted by the Oakland A’s in the first round of the MLB draft just 9th overall. When looking into the details about the future of Kyler Murray in the MLB, his agent Scott Boras had the mind-set that Kyler will go the MLB route, but with the 2019 NFL draft approaching quickly Murray declared for the NFL draft. Does Kyler Murray have the chance to revolutionize not only the NFL but sports in general?