Gronk to take some time off, then decide on future

atriots ESPNNew England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski isn’t ready to talk retirement just yet, but he did offer a timetable regarding a decision on his playing future.

Asked by ESPN on Super Bowl media night Monday when he plans to decide on continuing or ending his career, Gronkowski responded, “As of right now, those are the last things I’m thinking of. … I love playing the game. After a long season, after the [Super Bowl], a few weeks down the road, you sit back, you relax, you get some downtime, enjoyment time. And you just see where you want to go with it.”

Pressed on whether he wants to play beyond this season, Gronkowski answered, “That’s a tricky question. You’re trying to get around me. You’re just trying to get you some answers over there, baby. But, like I said, I don’t know. I haven’t done that sit-down yet. I’ve got to do that sit-down. About two weeks after [the season]. Then I’ll know.”

No surprise really here as up until the Chiefs AFC Championship game Gronk has been a non-factor in the passing game for the Pats.   He has definitely lost a step and I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out that he has some sort of injury that we haven’t heard about yet…. he’s been that lackluster in the passing game.

You notice how I keep saying passing game?  He has been a tremendous blocker all season long, especially in that Chargers game where he was put in motion all over the field and blocking like a LT all game.  It really was impressive that he didn’t sulk or pout that he was a decoy and a blocker all game and then you saw just how big he was in the AFC Championship.

I predict that if the Patriots win on Sunday then Gronk will without a doubt (along with Devin McCourty) retire and go out on top.

I will take #6 even though I do not want to say goodbye to those guys, but let’s send them out on top!