America’s Team My Ass

The Dallas Cowboys got shut out by the Indianapolis Colts 23-0. What a fucking joke. You win your last five games and then get shut out to a guy with the best beard in the League named Andrew Luck.

The Colts defense was phenomenal today in there win against “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys. They held Dak Prescott to 206 passing yards and an interception. First of all you should at least have thrown 2 touchdowns if you are throwing for over 200 yards. You have a fucking 61.5 passing percentage and can’t even get a field goal or a touchdown? They held Zeke under 100 rushing yards. Absolutely pathetic!!

Let’s just be honest. America’s team is going to enjoy that nice and quit plane ride back to Dallas. Think about the fact that if you want to make the playoffs win your fucking games. You lost to a team who didn’t even have a passing touchdown. Colts ran all over your asses. Step up and play defense or get off the fucking field.

The Colts rode the Cowboys? I thought Cowboys are supposed to ride the Colts? America’s Team doesn’t deserve to be Cowboys. Get a fucking new name.