Where is Donte and Brunson when you need them?

Last year Donte DiVincenzo led his team to the NCAA College Basketball finals and was named the Most Outstanding Player in the Final Four and won it all. Donte won two National Championships at Villanova, Big East Sixth Man of the Year, and also was named to the Big East All-Freshman team.

Tuesday night Villanova was an 8 point favorite against the Quakers. If y’all didn’t know Benjamin Franklin founded University of Pennsylvania in 1740. Villanova thought they could just walk into The Palestra and run all over Penn. Think again Villanova!

If you are going to come into an IVY league school your team better be ready for a competition. Underdogs are the best. You get teams who play harder. Let’s just say Villanova doesn’t deserve to be a Top 25 team. They might not even be a Top 50 team in the conference period. I love betting on IVY league schools because when they play you have a chance to win. Penn might be a mid smart ass major conference but you shouldn’t be losing games to teams that you should beat. Penn just straight up outplayed Villanova and made that team look weak and pathetic. Let’s not forget Penn had just beaten University of Miami.

I know that it’s still early in the season but the last time Penn had beaten Villanova it was 16 years ago. Most of these guys won’t even make an NBA roster but you better damn well know these are some of the smartest people and will one day run this world. They will be set for life. If you want to play an IVY league school come ready for war.