Let’s go Bowling

No, I am not talking about knocking down bowling pens and trying to get a score of 200. When I say let’s go bowling I’m talking about College Football. If you want to go bowling you better be sure to win 6 games or your team isn’t going to a bowl game.

College Football Bowl games have to be the most exciting time of the year. You have students going home from Christmas break, Christmas, New Years Eve, the rowdy band, the rowdy fans cussing at refs because they made a horrible call, and most importantly spending time with your family watching football.

If you like to gamble then Bowl season is your way to go. Fly to Las Vegas, get drunk, and lose money because you are to drunk to bet on the underdogs. If you like the spread fucking bet on it because you can actually win some dang money. The song “Natural ” by Imagine Dragons gets me pumped up to want to win some money. All I know is don’t do Blackjack because everyone knows the house always wins!!

The main thing about this is to have fun with your family, enjoy the holidays, be safe, win a lot or lose a lot of money, and have fun watching College Football Bowl games. Just don’t forget that we have a guy named Kyler Murray who got drafted by the A’s in the 1st round who won The Heisman Trophy getting ready to show Alabama who their daddy really is.