Kevin Durant shouts out Kobe, MJ and Kyrie

Through out these years of him finding his boys to beat up LeBron with, KD has gone through many changes in front of our eyes. He’s more outspoken definitely! There was a quote that sent many ideas through my head today..I’m going to skip around but it went a little something like this:

“Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, and Kyrie..just the way they move, how fluid they are”.

In this quote KD also gave a shoutout to his teammate Curry but that shows he has a type. He likes guys that can get bucket, fluidly. I personally feel like the quote is sending some shots to LeBron for being such a train to the rim instead of having a signature move. Just looking at KD’s game in general, he’s pretty skinny, he’s gotten thicker but he’s still pretty skinny. He doesn’t understand how hard it is to being a player who isn’t a great shooter and because of that, he’s believed he was the better than LeBron for a while now, and I believe he has a fair point because he’s always been more fluid than LeBron.