Breaking: Urban Meyer to retire after Rose Bowl

ESPN — Urban Meyer is retiring as Ohio State‘s coach after the Rose Bowl, and offensive coordinator Ryan Day will take over as head coach beginning Jan. 2, the school announced.

Meyer, who has coached Ohio State for the past seven seasons, will formally announce he’s stepping down at a 2 p.m. news conference in Columbus alongside Day and athletic director Gene Smith. The 54-year-old has battled the effects of an arachnoid cyst on his brain, which causes severe headaches, especially when under stress. The cyst was diagnosed in 1998 but worsened the past few years, and Meyer dropped to his knees on the sideline during an October game against Indiana and often looked distressed during games, rubbing his head and wincing.

Meyer repeatedly said he planned on coaching in 2019, but uncertainty remained, even after Meyer seemed to improve in recent weeks and Ohio State won the Big Ten championship in beating Northwestern on Saturday. Several Ohio State staff members told ESPN after the game that they noticed a positive change in Meyer the past two weeks. Smith denied a Football Scoop report last week that Meyer would not coach past the 2019 season and Day would take over as head coach. Meyer declined to comment when asked about the report.

Well as a huge Michigan fan and #GOBLUE alumni – this is great news!  We are 0 for life against Meyer and you’d like to think that this will affect some recruiting for the Buckeyes and re-open the door for Michigan to steal some good players.  But part of me is disappointed.  Meyer was one of the best in the business and really made this Ohio State/Michigan rivalry great again.  Seeing Harbaugh vs. Meyer was the best part of the year for me and even though we have gotten our dicks kicked in, it was by one of the best in the business.

Now, I really really hope I am wrong here but this seems very fishy to me.  If he was going to retire why wouldn’t he just walk away this offseason when he was full on scandal?  Why would he put Ohio State through all this bullshit just to walk away 10 games later?  I think that there is more to this – either health or some more scandals will be coming out.  It has been said that the coaches have noticed a more upbeat and healthier side of Meyer this year which leads me to believe that it is the latter.

I hope I’m wrong, but I guess only time will tell…