Green Bay Packers fire Head Coach Mike McCarthy

ESPN — Don’t expect to hear much in the near future from Mike McCarthy after he was fired by the Green Bay Packers with four games left in his 13th season as head coach.

He told that he planned to “lay low and try to finish this professional chapter on the high road,” and a source close to McCarthy said he was pondering whether to pursue a head-coaching job this offseason or take the year off and remain in Green Bay, where his family has deep roots.

This was a long time coming for McCarthy. I think we all knew if he didn’t make a playoff run and lead Green Bay to at least the NFC Championship he was done at the end of the season but that all changed when the Packers lost to the 2-9 Arizona Cardinals AT HOME!

Now I think McCarthy is the scapegoat for this firing and really all the blame should be put on Aaron Rodgers. AR12 was so clearly checked out and missing wide open receivers for first downs and touchdowns in what is said to be one of his worst seasons yet (maybe not statistically but by the naked eye). Well, now Rodgers will clearly have a say in the new coach – even though the Packers deny he will.

No more excuses or scapegoats for Rodgers. He ran McCarthy out of town and it’s now or never for #12 in Green Bay.